Bart Roelands

Language combination(s)
English-Dutch, Dutch-English

The right person for
Translations of creative and marketing texts, including social media postings. Copywriting for corporate business (internal and external newsletters, etc.)

CAT tools
SDL Trados 2017

Contact details
Telephone: 06-27028768

Let me introduce myself: Bart Roelands

How would you describe yourself?

I have a sense of humour, work hard and always dot the i’s and cross the t’s. I keep up-to-date with topics related to language and communications, along with a wide range of other topics. Knowing what is happening in the world of language is essential to make a living out of writing and translating texts. Coming up with creative solutions and writing texts that are easy to read and keep the reader interested are what make me tick.

What text types do you usually translate?

I translate a wide range of copy. I work with direct customers and translation agencies, and often work on texts for specific accounts. Sometimes they send me legal texts, for example, contracts or privacy policies, but also texts on tourism, culture and for websites. Over the years, I have also specialized in creative texts, for marketing or advertising campaigns. These texts give me more freedom when translating, the reins are loosened and creativity flows.

Do you work on larger projects?

Yes, I have translated a few books. I enjoy doing so and the fact you can get your teeth into the project. I have translated books on Python, a programming language (just like Scratch, this is a popular programming language used in schools by children who want to learn to program), and on working with Arduino (to learn all about electronics) and more. They are informative and practical books, which I really enjoyed translating.

Have you always worked as a translator?

No. I started my own company, BeeCommunication about 10 years ago. Before that I was working in business, at companies such as Trust, Nedis and ReplaceDirect. I was a Product Manager and Category Manager, in the consumer electronics market. I was in contact with suppliers in Asia and often communicated in English. Nowadays, I write in English and Dutch on a daily basis.

What do you offer your customers?

My customers know that I am a reliable partner for their translations and copy. I always adhere to the agreed terms, deliver the copy according to the deadline and provide feedback and tips regarding these texts. When source texts lead to queries, I send a message to enquire about the precise meaning. Customers appreciate this proactive service, one of a thorough review of a text.

What kind of collaboration is Translate outside the box?

Discussing something with a colleague helps me guarantee the high quality of my work. As a freelancer, we often work on our own (in an office, at home or elsewhere). I met Ellen and Rachel a few years ago and we work on projects together when we believe it adds value. We review each other’s work and provide feedback or enter into discussion over matters over which we may be uncertain. It is difficult to proofread your own work, whereas a fresh pair of eyes often finds small details you may have overlooked. We trust each other. This benefits us all, and especially our customers.