Multilingual website

Do you need a website and do you want it in multiple languages? Would you prefer to outsource everything at once? Would you like everything to be arranged for you? Without hassle and without worries? Then Translate outside the box is the right place for you!

Bart can build a perfect WordPress website for you. And Bart, Rachel and Ellen can write the texts for it. All based on a good conversation in which you indicate what the purpose of the website is, how many pages you want and what content you want. The more we know about you and your company, the better the website and the texts will match your wishes..

We work as a team, we keep each other informed of the progress and ensure that the agreements made are realised.

You make the arrangements with us. We will send you the quote for the website, the writing of the texts and the translations. Of course this includes the agreements made so you know when you can expect the initial website.

Writing and translating

All texts are first written by us in Dutch, English or Spanish and have them checked by another expert. After approval of the website in this language, the texts will be translated to the agreed languages. Each language is delivered separately. You will be given a few days each time to evaluate them.

We have access to a broad network of excellent translators, each with their own specialisation. We will find the right translator for your texts. We can take care of setting up your website from start to finish, based on the information you provide.

Do you want a multilingual website? Do you want it to go as easy as possible? Would you like a single point of contact to arrange everything for you?

Then contact Bart Roelands for a free appointment and quote.