Looking for a creative translation?

This is exactly what Translate outside the box provides: your texts in a different language, which have the same result: captivating, cohesive copy that reflects the original text in the target language. Translations to fit your company, product or service. Our names are Bart, Rachel and Ellen and together we are Translate outside the box.

Looking for the perfect translation of your commercial text? Do you need your marketing message in a target language to be just as effective as the original text? Look no further!

We are three experienced translators working together to provide creative translation services. Please contact us to discuss your project, and we will send you our quote.

Please contact us for creative translation of your marketing copy!

You take care of your product or service, and may even hold it close to your heart. Our passion is language. We provide effective creative translations of your carefully drafted texts. How can we help you today?

Who are we and what can we do for you?

Our names are Bart Roelands, Rachel Warmerdam and Ellen Singer. Together we are Translate outside the box. We are all experienced translators and copywriters. We work together because we believe in the added value of cooperation and in complementing each other’s strengths. Find out more about us below.

We would like to know more about you too, about your company your product or services What can we do for you today?

Your partners in drafting creative copy

Translate outside the Box is a team specialized in drafting creative copy, for  promotional, commercial and marketing purposes, among others. Our translations of your texts mirror the creative aspects, message and tone of voice of the source, taking into account the target audience.

We provide the perfect text for your website, social media pages or your new marketing campaign. Based on your tone of voice and your target audience

Outside the box, what does that mean?

Creativity is not a ready-made product. Our creative language skills are at your service to ensure you always have a commercially viable translation of your source text. We ensure your company, product or service is creatively promoted or sold in the new target market.

A good product may sell itself, but a good product sells even faster when the marketing copy is well-drafted! Translate outside the box provides the perfect translation for you.

I am a freelance translator from English into Dutch and from Dutch into English. I love adding a pun here and there. Before becoming a translator I worked in the commercial service sector for companies such as Trust, Nedis and ReplaceDirect.

Technology, (multi)media and the internet are topics I keep informed on. This interest resulted in my building WordPress websites, especially multilingual websites. This puts my linguistic and technical gymnastics to good use.

Translating marketing and other creative texts means more freedom regarding structure, prescriptive terminology, etc. These texts are my cup of tea!

For further information on what I can do for you, refer to my profile page.

My name is Rachel Warmerdam. I am a self-employed English into Dutch translator, specialised in technology, pedagogy, marketing and puns. You can entrust your translation projects to me as well as summaries and text outlines. These skills ensure my texts are brief and to the point. The available space for a translation is sometimes limited but my texts always fit.

Texts that grab the attention of the reader in subtle ways are my specialty. When a text is well written it finds readers without resorting to obvious gimmicks. I love doing things just a little different. To look at an old topic through new eyes. Turning things upside down, thinking and writing outside the box.

For further information on what I can do for you, refer to my profile page.

Translators know me as the Hugging Translator. It all started during a presentation on Quality Assurance, manual and based on software, where I compared QA with hugging. Both can be perfunctorily, fast, pro forma or it can be in-depth, with feeling and effective.

Every text is thoroughly studied, this often leads to queries to clarify underlying ideas. Every delivery includes comments on source errors and sentences that have multiple interpretations or are not unequivocal. I build long-term relations with my customers, based on mutual understanding and respect. Every project is a significant project, both I and my reviewer focus our full attention on the project at hand.

Information such as the house style, the target audience and such ensure we can find the right wording for you. When necessary we can discuss these issues to determine your tone of voice, style and target audience in the new market. Independent of the current phase of your ambitions, we will find a way to help you move towards your goals. We work hard to help you grow.

For further information on what I can do for you, refer to  my profile page.