Rachel Warmerdam

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Translating creative and marketing texts, manuals and training or study materials. Summarising your existing texts and/or ensuring they are uniquely suited to your needs.

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Telefoon: 06-3653 4309

Let me introduce myself: Rachel Warmerdam

How would you describe yourself?

Weird and wonderful. I have a particular fondness for language and word play. My interests range from medieval history and steam engines to interview techniques and travel. There are few things I enjoy more than learning something new.

What text types do you usually translate?

Manuals, marketing or website texts, learning materials and more. I also do a lot of reviewing and editing, ensuring texts are the appropriate length, for example, or they that take the right tone to address the target audience of a particular website or brochure. This is not always easy, but it is a lot of fun. In addition, I am experienced in writing short texts for commercials.

Is there anything you don’t do?

Medical texts. That simply requires a very specific expertise. Dense legal or economic texts are also not for me. I have some experience with them, but not enough to ensure the quality of work I insist on. This is why I prefer not to take on such jobs. Luckily, I know some excellent people who can.

What do you offer your customers?

Customers know I am a translator they can count on. A deal is a deal, and deadlines are sacrosanct. It is important to me to address any potential issues or errors I might encounter in the source material. Good communication is essential in that respect. I like taking a proactive approach and work with the customer, so that we can deliver a good product together.

What kind of collaboration is Translate outside the box?

With Outside the Box, the three of us can strongly focus on marketing. We each have our own specialisations, which complement each other well and allow us to provide an even more effective service to our customers.

In effect, we have been working together for years. We often help each other out during peak times, proofread each other’s work and offer advice when one of us gets stuck. That has been working so well that we decided to take this collaboration to the next level and start working on marketing texts as a team. We share tasks such as promotion, acquisition and keeping up with customers. Together, we can ensure high-quality translations even during peak times, by making sure every text is processed and then proofread by a competent and trusted translator.

Nigh on achieving perfection in product delivery, by assisting one another to go the extra mile. A little more, a little better.